Emotions x Writers

  • As writers, emotions are not something that comes effortlessly to us. • Feelings do not come in as waves but rather hurricanes no one gave us a fair warning about. Do not misunderstand though; this is not because we don’t know how to handle our feelings properly but rather because we are exposed to not only ours but the ones of others as well. We are empathic. We notice every single trait, change of tones, the excitement, the sparkle in[Read more]

Life’s Tragedy

Death is inevitable and that’s life tragedy itself. Years ago I lost a dear friend of mine and to this day I lay down and wonder, is there anything that I could’ve done? How did I not read between the lines? Could’ve there been another way? Sadly the reality is that I will never know and I guess thats the issue, not knowing. It’s been 8 years and I’m definitely not the same old clueless girl you hugged goodbye. Since[Read more]

#MOTIVATIONALMONDAY: Turn Fear into Motivation

• Turn Fear into Motivation • How can one turn their fear into motivation? Rather easily, we all been finding motivation by taking risks ever since were children. When I was a kid, I was terrified of diving. Meaning, every morning, I woke up filled with anxiety as I knew I would be going to be dragged to swim class which sequentially meant I was going to have to face the diving board which I would most definitely slip from, drown[Read more]